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Hi, I'm Marco Salvino Sr.



  • Marco Salvino, Sr. is a non-partisan candidate for the Dania Beach City Commission. In this coastal community within Broward County, Florida, five City Commission members are elected at large for four-year terms. The candidate with the highest number of votes serves as the mayor. Marco Salvino Sr., a small business owner and a 60-year resident of Dania Beach, brings a wealth of experience to the table. 


  • Education: Marco attended Hollywood Hills High School in 1971.

  • Occupation: He is the owner of Lee’s Locksmith & Bike Shop in Hollywood.

  • Residency: Marco has lived in Dania Beach since he was six months old and currently resides in his childhood home in Melaleuca Gardens. His children and grandchildren also live in the same neighborhood.

  • Political/Civic Experience: With past political and civic experience, Marco’s successful business ownership demonstrates fiscal responsibility, excellent customer service, and a keen understanding of advertising and marketing.


  • Image Transformation: Marco aims to change the city’s image through leadership, professional programs, and effective outreach, marketing, and advertising.

  • Efficiency and Friendliness: He plans to make government more friendly and efficient for residents, businesses, and guests by improving transaction processes.

  • Fiscal Health: Marco emphasizes expense control, revenue enhancement through redevelopment, and encouraging business growth within the city.

As a non-partisan candidate, Marco Salvino Sr. seeks to serve Dania Beach professionally and successfully, focusing on the community’s well-being and progress. ​


Empowering Dania Beach

As a dedicated public servant, Marco A. Salvino Sr. is committed to fostering a community where equality meets opportunity. His mission is to empower the residents of Dania Beach by championing initiatives that promote fairness, accessibility, and prosperity for all. Marco's vision is to create a vibrant and inclusive city where every voice is heard and every individual has the chance to thrive.

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