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                                Moving bulky or heavy items conveniently from one location to another can be a challenging factor when administering a safe and efficient working environment. By using the best tools for the job, you will find that a greater amount of ease and simplicity can be injected into the flow of materials through the workplace. The most convenient and effective method for moving such items is an aluminum gantry crane.

                                An aluminum gantry crane is a convenient and lightweight lifting tool that will allow you to hoist an unwieldy item off the ground and then roll it to another location, or simply suspend it above the ground for examination or repair access.

                                These useful tools have many different uses, and are sturdy enough to support up to 6,000lb in weight depending on their configuration and exact specification. They are also maneuverable and can easily be moved by a single person. While heavy duty enough to carry large weights, they are also designed to have a very low footprint, allowing for easy storage within a regular workshop without needing to be dismantled.

                                Aluminum | Lightweight and Sturdy

                                These aluminum gantry cranes have been designed to be sturdy and easy to use. The initial construction is straightforward, and once the crane has been finished, it is ready for use immediately. All of the cranes come with 4 fully locking and independent casters meaning that the gantry can be easily shifted with a minimum of effort, and kept in position when required.

                                Lighter capacity aluminum gantry cranes come fitted with pneumatic tires, allowing for easy out door use. They move smoothly over flat terrain, and are completed with heavy duty brakes to keep the gantry steady when in use.

                                Thanks to the simple construction of the cranes, features such as the full adjustability of the gantry height are easy to use. With a maximum height of up to 12 feet available on the larger models, the aluminum gantry cranes are perfectly suited to an environment where high lifting is required, such as an industrial workshop or a mechanics.

                                These aluminum gantry cranes are fitted with a powerful geared lifting motor that is able to comfortably secure heavy weights in place, and thanks to the large size of the crane, it is also possible to happily position the device appropriately above the area where you are working, and still enjoy access from all angles.

                                The cranes are robust and convenient to use, able to perform their tasks adequately, and thanks to the use of high quality aluminum throughout their construction, coupled with the stable design that ensures a steady footing when in use, you have a tool that you can genuinely rely on. With easy assembly and reliability as standard, it is easy to see why so many businesses already have faith in aluminum gantry cranes as a load bearing device that they use on a daily basis. With their simple and straightforward design making them so convenient to use and strong, you will find that your gantry soon becomes one of your most useful tools.




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